ShootEdge® (CornerShot)

ShootEdge® is synonymous to shooting without risk of exposure to retaliatory shooting by adversary. It is amplified by ability to maneuver behind a shield or protection thereafter fire for effect. These systems are necessary and are force multipliers in encounters with terrorists and insurgents in wide ranging situations from battles in built up areas to hostage situations.

The ShootEdge® (CornerShot) comes with accessories for aimed shooting, firing from the hip, firing during day and night. Camera and additional sight are standard fitments to enable aimed shooting from an angle. Often in close encounters against well trained adversary there is little or negligible ability to predict the outcome, ShootEdge perceptibly changes the odds remarkably, it provides the ability to shoot at the enemy from behind protection and cover.

Force Multiplier

Getting into action. Simple to use, can be easily carried by a soldier, takes less than a minute to get it into action. Can be adapted for many weapons, it has the ability to be used in all possible eventualities in close combat.

Aimed Fire. Provides ability to shoot with accuracy and consistency from angles and enhances the effectiveness of encased weapon. Simple aiming methodology provides ability to scale up shooting skills and hence enable firer to become a marksman.

Firing from the Hip. The inherent ability and accuracy of the weapon to fire from the hip is maintained and gets better due to added parts of the system.

Night Firing. IR Camera enables effective firing in night, this lethal ability to fire at night from a covered position without exposure provides perceptible ascendency over adversary.

Ease of Operation. ShootEdge® (CornerShot) is customized for a particular weapon and this enables ease of assembly in shortest possible time frame and getting the weapon into action.

Light Weight. The system is lightweight and can be carried along with a pistol into battles or encounters. ShootEdge® comes with a sling that allows ease of carriage.

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