Containerised Tubular Shooting Range (CTSR)

Zen CTSR is a secure indoor substitute for live firing. It is self-contained, transportable and reduces considerably the area required for a range.

Two trainees can fire at a time. There is no injury-risk for the shooters, even from accidental fire as each shooter is confined to a tubular booth. The design of the tubular booth is such it does not allow the fired bullets escape from it. Fire retardant materials have been used to ensure the range is safe for training and testing and it is fitted with emergency lighting.

The Range that is available in a standard 40' container:

  • Facilitates training with Small Arms
  • Lets firers practise even in lying position
  • Includes provisions that support installation of Smart Target System, which detects bullets' points of hits and displays them on the Firing Point Equipment placed near the shooter
  • Accommodates extension of the length of range with additional containers

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