Combat Weapons Training Simulator (CWTS)

Zen Combat Weapons Training Simulator (Zen CWTS) is an indoor training System to enhance firing standards in all infantry section weapons such as Light Machine Guns, Rocket Launcher, Rifles and Carbines. The CWTS thus helps train the entire section. The system can easily be upgraded to include new weapons and platoon support weapons in future.


  • Supports all direct-fire small arms Like Rifles, SIG 716, AK 203, RL, Negev LMG, MP9 Carbine
  • Replicates ballistic performance of the projectiles in terms of range, velocity/time of flight and trajectory
  • Provides analysis of shot group/score, with hold, aim and trigger operation
  • Includes close-up/zoom facility and auto display/recording of exercises
  • Shows realistic effects of ammunition at target end
  • Incorporates use of white light illumination, trip flares and smoke/blasts and other munitions for tactical exercises
  • Facilitates all firing modes: single shot, burst/controlled burst and automatic fire of weapons being used
  • Allows deployment of different weapons for an exercise firing at different ranges
  • Facilitates training in combat tactical situations with video and computer generated scenarios
  • Allows selection of trainee, target, range and number of bullets for a lane
  • Includes facility to record and re-play a training session
  • Features eye-safe laser, has provision for night firing


Advanced 3D CGI Scenarios


After Action Review

Exercises are recorded, which can be replayed for review. The speed of replay can be adjusted and targets can be zoomed for clarity or overview. Computer-generated performance reports are handy for After Action Review. Audio/Video feedbacks are also available.

Advanced 3D Visualization Software

CWTS uses advanced 3D graphic software to deliver high quality visuals for a most realistic experience for the trainee.


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