Hand Grenade Simulator (HE36S®)

Zen HE36S® is a patented hand grenade simulator that helps trainees develop a high degree of mind-body coordination, essential for effectively firing hand grenades and preventing accidents. It is a non-fragmenting and reusable hand grenade. It is useful for soldiers for handling, practicing lobbing techniques and reacting to the timing of the fuse. The simulator is of the same dimension, shape, weight, look and feel of the HE36 hand grenades used by Security Forces.

It fills the wide gap between squad post training and live firing of grenades. It mildly produces blast, flash, smoke and sound. This compels trainees to exercise necessary caution while handling the hand grenades. The simulator grenade inflicts minor burn injury if it bursts in hand.

It has a fixed time fuse. Its 'Reflex Action' training enables trained soldiers to attack a grenade thrown at him by militant/terrorist and clear it away.

A single grenade simulator can be used up to 100 times.

It is essential for every soldier of Security Forces. One set of 100 grenades is recommended for every Company-size force or 4 to 6 sets per Battalion.


  • Looks like the original grenade' almost the same in size, shape, weight and explosion timing
  • Creates flash, blast, smoke, sound and shock but doesn't fragment
  • Reusable between 80-100 times
  • Allows arming and disarming drills of grenade as in actual
  • Causes mild injury if handled carelessly
  • Can be fired with a rifle
  • Allows group training
  • Facilitates training even in a limited open area or within an Unit area
  • Offers realistic training
  • Can raise training standards with minimum cost


  • Shell
  • Internal parts
  • Pyro-tech Cartridge

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