Carrier Mortar Tracked Simulator (CMT Sim)

Zen CMT Sim is a fully integrated state-of-the-art in-door simulator. The system is designed to seek total realism for operational training needs of mechanised forces. It trains the 81mm Mortar crew of a Mechanised Infantry Battalion in all facets of efficient handling and effective firing in simulated range conditions and with weapon performance parameters.

Modular configuration of the system allows flexibility in installation, operation and use. It offers significant spin-offs by way of ensuring uninterrupted training despite limiting factors of weather, logistics and non-availability of ammunition and ranges.


  • Mounting Platform
  • Fire Controller Station
  • MPC Station
  • Instructor Station
  • Replicated Mortar and Bombs

Discerning Features:

  • 'To scale' replicated weapon and platform for deployment across wide area and diverse terrain
  • Caters to all types of unique mortar drills and firing
  • Contains battle scenarios/images and environmental factors including sound effects conforming to Mechanised Warfare
  • Allows fault injection and contains fault-finding capability
  • Includes facility to record, replay, print, store and analyse data of practice sessions
  • Offers automatic and quantified performance evaluation
  • User friendly, easy to deploy/pack/transport

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