Containerised Indoor Shooting Range (CISR)

Zen CISR is a self-contained, transportable, live-fire shooting facility. It is designed and built to include the target retrieval system/firearm judgmental training video simulator or to serve as a forensic ballistic test facility.

Latest acoustic and ricochet materials have been used inside the Shooting Range to create a clean, safe and discreet environment to carry out the live-fire requirements.

The Mains or generator-powered Shooting Range

  • Allows shooters to train with Small Arms of up to .50 calibre
  • Contains sophisticated ventilation and air-conditioning system
  • Has provisions for a variety of ‘soft’ bullet catchers, depending on the application of the facility
  • Supports Target Retrieval System and Video Targetry Simulator
  • Allows 360° CCTV monitoring from the Control room
  • Lends itself to customisation with additional units. Length, width, storeys/levels can be increased by placing additional units either laterally or vertically

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