Combat Training Centre (CTC)

Combat ready soldiers are fundamental for the security and defense of the country. No matter where or when armed forces are deployed, the skills of a fighting force must constantly be refined and aligned with mission objectives and situations. Zen Technologies produces an expansive portfolio of live, virtual, constructive and mixed reality combat training systems to develop and maintain combat-ready soldiers.

Combat Readiness Score

We are the world's only training systems supplier that calculates a Combat Readiness Score (CRS) at the completion of training exercises. The CRS is derived from data captured during training sessions and provides an easy-to-understand way for Leaders and Commanders to measure the level of Combat Readiness. Tracking the Combat Readiness Score over time confirms training effectiveness to maintain mission-ready soldiers.

Common Operating Picture for Live, Virtual and Constructive Training

Zen Combat Training Centre provides realistic combat experience by recreating the real battle environment using a mix of Live ranges, Live instrumented, Virtual and Constructive simulation, increasing the efficiency of your defense forces.

Integrated Individual and Collective Training

The CTC can train forces from Platoon to Brigade level and can be used for achieving objectives ranging from individual skill development to unified tactical operations both in open terrain and built-up area. The CTC is ideal both for conventional warfare as well as Militarized Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)/counter-terrorism operations. The comprehensive scoring model of the CTC allows you to get an objective measure of the level of combat preparedness of your forces.

Facilities at CTC

  • Smart Live-fire shooting ranges with STS® and MFTS® to detect the position of hit and reflex shooting training
  •  'Live' force-on-force engagement with TacSim® and ITS for training personnel in tackling enemy/terrorist threat with opposed fire
  • Shoot House for room clearing drills and training for eliminating the threat in a closed environment
  • Simulator training (AWeSim, MMG, AGL, and Infantry weapons) for tactical, judgemental, reflex shooting and improving marksmanship
  • Central Control Room to monitor all training facilities and events and After Action Review (AAR) for critique and analysis
  • Communication system linking all facilities
  • Other infrastructure necessary for additional equipment and training

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