Crew Gunnery Simulator for T-72 Tank (T-72 CGS)

Zen T-72 CGS is a comprehensive simulator designed to train both Commanders and gunners of Tank T-72 enabling skill development from basic to advanced levels. It comes with the following features :

Interactive Controls Familiarization

  • Instruments, indicators and gauges in gunner compartment
  • Gunner’s Sight TPDK-1
  • Commander Sight TKN 3B
  • All gunnery related controls

Gunnery Drills & Procedures

  • Manual & stab modes
  • Ammunition selection of APFSDS, HEAT and HE
  • Manual and automatic loading of ammunition
  • LRF operation
  • Manual range setting

Target Acquisition & Engagement

  • Gunner - Manual/stab laying on target using TPDK-1 sight
  • Lasing of target/manual range setting
  • Lead off for moving targets
  • Firing of main gun/PKT machine gun


  • Target acquisition using sights TKN 3B sight
  • Target designation

The simulator is containerized for easy transportation and start-up. It can be provided as a fixed installation, if desired. Its major components are:

Instructor Station:

  • Multiple displays for trainee monitoring
  • Joystick for moving Tank/target on the visual terrain
  • Intercom unit
  • Computer systems rack
  • Power conditioning equipment

Gunner Station (Trainee Cabin)

  • Mock-up Tank turret compartment
  • Mock sights—TPDK-1, TKN 3B
  • OTW (out of the window) display system for view through the sights
  • Gunner and Commander seats and foot rests
  • All relevant controls
  • Indicators, instruments and gauges
  • Intercom Unit

Motion Platform

  • Electro-mechanical Motion Platform and Motion Control Unit
  • Realistic motion feel for firing at cant angles, firing from forward & reverse slopes
  • Realistic jerk on main gun firing

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