Driving Training Simulator (ZEN DTS®)

ZEN DTS is a versatile, indoor training system for light, medium and heavy vehicle drivers. The simulator facilitates training in a 'to-scale' vehicle cabin with actual indicators and controls. The simulator can be configured for both left and right-hand drives. The basic system is supplied with an Instructor Station and a Driver Station. However, up to 10 Driver Stations can be configured with one Instructor Station.

ZEN DTS simulates driving conditions of city, hills, cross-country, snow-bound terrain, in varying light and climatic conditions like rain, fog, snow and dust. The training levels start from basic and progress to professional level.

Zen Driving Training Simulator Key Features

  • Simulates realistic motion, driving conditions and sounds
  • Facilitates the instructor to control multiple Driver Stations simultaneously
  • Contains a driver cabin fitted with real controls, steering, brakes and accelerator
  • Sets up gear sequence as per the original vehicle
  • Provides motion feel to the trainees through Motion Platform
  • Offers training under various environmental conditions
  • Records trainee's errors and illustrates trainee's actions such as time taken to shift the foot from accelerator to brake; right gear vs. right speed; accidents, speeding; lane violation, dangerous turns and switching on ignition with gear engaged

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