Air-to-Ground Firing Range Scoring System

Zen Air-to-Ground Firing Range Scoring System has been designed to provide air-to-ground weapons delivery training area a variety of targets which can be deployed, tracked and hit-miss scoring of the exercise recorded.

The system consists of Control Tower, Sighting Towers and Command Centre. The Command Centre monitors and records impacts from bomb, rockets and missiles. All impacts are detected (basically all types of bomb/rockets/missiles). For detection, cameras - thermal camera and daylight camera (for day and night operations) are deployed. The cameras are mounted on a state-of-the-art Pan Tilt Unit (PTU). In addition Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) are deployed for impact detection of multiple weapons hits. Gunnery targets use acoustic sensors to accurately detect and count the hits achieved on the target.

Thermal Camera monitors all impacts. Suitable lens make sure the right size of the target is covered. Daylight camera is used to get a live view of the target to the Command Centre. Daylight and thermal cameras are mounted on the same PTU. The cameras are aligned when installed to get the same view of the target. In addition the scoring is complemented by best in class equipment containing a group of precise UGS (Unattended Ground Sensors). UGS are Signal Detection and Processing Units that accurately and efficiently indicate the position of target hit in real time. The sensing area of the UGS Sensors is up to 0.25 sq km. The sensors are networkable. Target Markings/Scoring will be as per customer requirements.

The Command Centre displays impact location/hits and records the view of impact as a video. This data and video can later be reviewed and used by the pilot for error analysis and improve results.

The system also offers threat awareness training to combat aircrew with appropriate use of threat emitters and diligently networking them into the range for a realistic tactical training.


  • It is a menu-driven scoring range which is customizable
  • It has the ability to differentiate local noise/disturbance with a target-hit event
  • It can detect multiple hits within a short span of time
  • Its level of accuracy is very high (within 1m)

Such a range will be handy for rapidly training and assessing the performance of a pilot in air-to ground armament work. It also allows multiple pilots to be in the air at once while the software records details of the pilot, aircraft call sign, aircraft type, type of armament used and attack profile for analysis/de-brief upon landing. The software displays the hit location of armament on a screen in graphical form and produces instantaneous results for relaying to the pilot through the Control Tower and records for later analysis at the Command Centre.

Optional package:

Threat Simulation

This module is capable of providing a range of simulated threats to aircrew with a deployment of Tactical threat emitters, SAM ranges, Unmanned Threat Emitters Ranges (UMTES) and Electronic Warfare Ranges.

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