CornerShot Weapon System - Zen CSWS TRIKAAL

Zen CSWS TRIKAAL CornerShot Weapon System facilitates shooting around corners, over the top or over walls, without exposing the firer. It helps fire accurately in darkness and low light conditions and also facilitates firing from standing, kneeling, hip as well as lying positions.

The Trikaal can be fitted with a pistol such as a Glock 17, Glock 19, 9mm Browning. It mounts a high-resolution low light and IR camera, an IR illuminator, a red dot laser and a tactical torch light. With the Trikaal, the pistol can be shoulder-fired and can be instantaneously swiveled left or right by 65 degrees while allowing the shooter to remain behind cover while observing the camera feed.

An ergonomic extension in the Trikaal fires the handgun. The camera view is relayed to an adjustable display monitor for convenient viewing by the firer. The camera is zeroed with the pistol, and the display monitor provides the aiming cross-hair for quick and accurate engagement. The pistol can be aimed using this cross-hair, or also by using the original iron sight. The integrated camera gives a clear engagement range in excess of 50m and clear viewing range of over 200m by day and 30m by night or in darkness.

Besides very ergonomic controls, handling and quick swivel of the pistol, the system offers various features including selectable zoom levels, low-light and no-light viewing, zeroing of camera with mounted weapon, and retractable-cum-folding butt.

Fitting the pistol and commencing firing can be achieved in less than a minute. Similarly, the pistol can be removed and conventionally hand fired.

No modification is required on the original weapon/pistol. The magazine of the pistol can be changed, without removing the pistol from the housing. The Trikaal has a picatinny rail to facilitate mounting of various accessories. A sling can be attached to the Trikaal.

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