War Gaming Solutions (WGS)

Zen WGS provides doctrine-neutral solutions for Joint-Services/Combined and standalone operations. The gen-next constructive simulation supports both conventional and non conventional operations. The models consist of Air, Land, Naval exercises along with MOOTW and NBC operations in limited capacity. In all, 12 parties are supported at various resolutions, including civilians. The training audience for the system is from Corps Commanders till Brigade Commanders (configurable upto Battalion commanders)

The system is capable of performing the following:


  • SEAD Operations
  • Offensive and defensive air operations
  • Close air support
  • Recce Operations
  • Refueling
  • Logistics


  • Combat operations
  • Mine-laying and mine clearing
  • Engineers
  • Logistics
  • Repair/Recovery
  • Supply
  • Air-defence


  • Anti-surface
  • Anti-air
  • Anti-submarine
  • Mine-laying and MCM
  • Air-defence
  • Patrol

The rules and models have been developed in close associaion of SMEs, system analysts and technological experts. The rules can be reconfigured or customized to fulfill specific requirements. Units and major weapons are basic entities of war gaming models. The system is compliant with IEEE 1516.x standards of HLA, IEEE 1278.x standards of DIS.

Features and capabilities:

The modular-in-nature system adheres to open architecture. It supports addition & customization of tactics, rules & procedures. The system is capable of:

  • Defining scenarios from anywhere in the world; handling multiple parties along with party-specific ORBAT structure
  • Working in single or multi-user mode
  • Real time interaction with Command and Control Centre
  • Storing user-defined scenarios and objectives to be used in various CAX
  • Using OpenGIS with plug-ins to incorporate COTS GIS applications
  • Allowing user to configure basic parameter settings like unit types, data associated with them and weapons systems attached to units

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