Bus Driving Simulator (BusSim)

Zen BusSim is a versatile indoor training system that trains bus drivers of varied skill-sets and experience. The simulator uses ‘to scale’ bus cabin with all gauges, controls, transmission systems and indicators found in a bus. The software has been specially developed to recreate the typical environment in which bus drivers operate. It takes into account the sensitive nature of the duty of a driver for whom the safety of the passengers and their comfort are of paramount importance.

The Bus Driving Simulator has a bus cut-cabin mounted on a Motion Platform that works on six Degrees of Freedom. Driving scenarios of different terrains, weather, vehicles and road conditions are projected on a 180º screen for the front and side views by a high-definition projector and LCD screens are used for rear view.

The Bus Driver Simulator can record and replay the entire performance of each trainee and can generate different types of reports on customized parameters that can be saved and printed. The drivers can be tested in different forms and their levels of competence evaluated.

Key Features:

  • Centralized or individual trainee control by Instructor
  • One Instructor can control up to 10 Driver Stations simultaneously
  • Bus cabin has all the controls, transmission system, gauges and ergonomics found in a bus
  • Capable of imparting training to rookie drivers, evaluating the performance of existing drivers and conducting refresher course
  • Software includes pre-simulation, operation, maintenance, trouble shooting, self-evaluation, skill tests and performance analysis of drivers
  • Drivers are geared to focus on increasing the satisfaction of passengers
  • Faults can be injected on-line
  • Every fault committed by trainees is displayed on the screen
  • Can record faults, save, replay and print sessions for analysis
  • Provides real-time graphs, categorized reports and recording/replaying facilities of trainee sessions.
  • Automatically generates reports on trainees’ performances—correct procedures, mistakes committed, time management, level of alertness, reaction assessment, overall score and assessment (Pass/Fail)
  • Free camera is provided which enables Instructor to select the any angle from which he wants to see the scenario.

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