Rotary Wing Simulator (RWS)

Zen Technologies, in partnership with Rockwell Collins, has developed a Full Mission Rotary Wing Simulator that is fully configurable to meet varying training needs of the Indian Armed Forces. The simulator can facilitate ab initio training, conversion training, mission training and high-fidelity Level-D training.

Zen's containerised simulator is unique as it is transportable, self-contained in a standard ISO container and can provide training 'anywhere-anytime', including forward bases for practising advanced, specific missions and need-based recurrent training.

Based on the training needs, the simulator can be configured as fixed base/6 DOF motion simulator with limited FoV; 'out-the-window' visual display or wide FoV visual scenery projected on a curved GFRP based, segmented/full dome or collimated wide FoV projection system that provides Level-D full mission simulation capability.

Training Capabilities:

  • Basic Flying
  • Conversion Training
  • Mission Training
  • Advanced Mission Training
  • Full Flight Full Mission Training (Level D)

Salient Features:

  • Scalable and Modular Architecture
  • High-Fidelity Helicopter Dynamics and Immersive Environment
  • Real Cockpit Environment with Real Pilot Controls
  • Mix of Flight-worthy Hardware, Avionics Components and Simulated Instruments

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