Armour Combat Training System (ZEN ACTS)

The Zen ACTS is designed to meet the training requirements of the Mechanised Forces in field craft, battle drills, and tactical & gunnery procedures. It is ideal for force-on-force tactical training including simulated battle engagements.

The system seamlessly assimilates retrofitted Laser Unit and Sensor Unit with Exercise Control, Interface Unit, Base Station, Transparent Display Unit, Commander Display Unit and Umpire Gun to function and deliver training value. It is modular in design, easy to fit and remove and does not require any modifications on the tank. All the modules are independently battery-powered and wirelessly connected.

ZEN ACTS Key Features

  • Real time Tank versus Tank Battle in a risk-free environment with automated objective assessment
  • Accurate simulation of the flight of the projectile of all types of ammunition and 360° detection capability with an accuracy of - 30 cm at a distance of 2km
  • Employs Class 1 Eye-safe Laser IEC 60825-1
  • Real Time Clock and Dual-compass to display time and Turret Azimuth Angle
  • Audio-visual alarm to indicate the impact of a hit; operational status of the tank as per extent of damage (K-Kill and M-Kill)
  • The crew follows standard drills and uses existing Tank controls to maintain realism
  • Graphical LCD with Keypad enables Commander to monitor the gunner and status of all the modules
  • Comprehensive After Action Review (AAR)
  • Manoeuvres displayed in real time on 2D Map with an option of 3D display
  • Virtual minefields and artillery fire can be depicted

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