Tank Zeroing System (TZS)

Zen TZS is an accurate system for bore-sighting and zeroing of the main gun of Tanks and other Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV). It ensures speedy and reliable process with savings in man-power and ammunition. The system consists of Electronic Bore Sighting Unit (EBSU), Gunner's Display Unit (GDU) and Hit Detection and Analysis System (HDAS).

  • EBSU captures and processes the image of Bore-sighting Target
  • GDU displays the EBSU captured target image
  • HDAS is for zeroing the gun by live firing. It ascertains hit location on the target and generates necessary inputs for computing corrections. The system can also be used to conduct firing exercises for Tanks

Zen TZS Key Features

  • Offers twin benefits of application in Zeroing and Firing Practices
  • Enables speedy and accurate zeroing
  • Spares valuable man-hours and saves costly ammunition
  • Portable, battery-operated and all-weather proof
  • Versatile Functionalities - Zoom & Pan for Target Image, Different types of firing exercises with provisions for record, replay & print
  • Communication range extendable using more than one RF

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