Infantry Weapons Training Simulator (IWTS®)

Zen IWTS facilitates marksmanship training, battle handling of weapons both individually and up to a Section of recruits/soldiers in tactical scenarios of conventional and unconventional operations. The modularly-designed wireless system allows handling of various Small Arms, including in-service Pistol, Carbine, Rifle, Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher with temporary modifications to the weapons.

Training is imparted through the 3D visualization software that contains Marksmanship module, Moving Target module, Reflex Shooting module, Field Firing module, Tactical Engagement, Judgmental Training, Annual Range Classification courses and customized courses.

To help trainees become skilled, crucial guidance is at hand with instructor monitoring the training. All the actions are recorded. The replay facility enables instructor to pin point errors to trainees and suggest them corrective actions. The print-outs of trainees' performance (reports) will be handy for After Action Review.

Key Features:

  • Supports all direct-fire Infantry Platoon weapons
  • Employs un-tethered recoil generation system
  • Includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) characters
  • Simulates recoil and firing sounds
  • Displays exercises and scenarios on a 30'x8' screen
  • Allows allotment of bullets in accordance with weapon type
  • Includes a comprehensive Scenario Builder module
  • Reports cant angle, trigger pressure and breathing analysis
  • Provides telescopic sighting system for Rocket Launcher and Sniper
  • Includes facility to record and playback a stopped training session
  • Lends itself for preparation of extensive individual and team reports
  • Allows setting up of desired environmental conditions, even during runtime
  • Syncs with the firing positions of trainees (lying, kneeling and standing)
  • Has provision for night firing practice and use of night vision sights

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