Anti-Tank Guided Missile Simulator (ATGM® Sim)

Zen ATGM® Sim is an indoor simulator, designed and developed to meet the challenging training requirements of missile pilots. It trains recruits and hones the skills of trained pilots in handling and firing missiles.

The guided missile simulator enables instructor to track the performance of trainees in real time. The training scenarios can be configured in accordance with the skill levels of trainees. It trains pilot to detect, prioritize, acquire, track and engage targets. It has the actual controls of the missile launcher to enhance the training value.

It has a Konkurs Missile Launcher with its sight. The scenarios are computer generated and simulate battlefield conditions complete with target area, targets, speed and direction of moving targets and related scenarios of a battlefield. Thus, this simulator negates the requirement of planning and organizing firing in ranges with heavy logistic load.

The application software is adaptable and can integrate with any anti-Tank guided missile the Army uses. The simulator is rugged and can be taken to remote areas for field training.

Zen ATGM® Sim Features

  • Integrates with a realistic Infantry Combat Vehicle like BMP-II
  • Suits Milan/Konkurs missiles
  • Accommodates FAGOT missile and any other advanced launchers
  • Allows introduction of technical faults on missiles
  • Contains a comprehensive database of 3D CGI scenarios
  • Includes scenario-builder that helps develop customized scenarios
  • Takes into account realistic missile dynamics
  • Offers a variety of targets, including aerial
  • Contains a wide range of environmental effects like rain, fog, visibility conditions, cloud cover, temperature and wind
  • Simulates realistic sounds
  • Has option for Artificial illumination for night training
  • Tactical training is progressive and learning is structured

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