ShootEdge® is a special purpose adapter for Hand Guns (Pistols) which aids in viewing and shooting about a corner without exposing the shooter to the target.


ShootEdge has been designed to facilitate shooting with pistols or UBGL around corners, over the top of the walls and from under low gaps without the user being exposed. It is light, compact and well balanced enabling the user to move quickly and operate swiftly with minimal hand motions.

The gun may be swiveled by 65° both in the left or right direction by sliding a handle and locks in position automatically. Visual data of the line of fire is captured using a day and night camera and the video feed is provided on an LCD screen giving the firer information about the target area around the corner or over the wall. An LED Torch is also provided to increase visibility for search operations during night. When a threat is expected, a day/night camera provides night vision without compromising the user's location. Laser pointers and IR sensors are also provided to aid in aiming. The key pad to control the electronics are also positioned in a manner to facilitate easy operation.

Care has been taken to ensure that the hands of the user are not exposed and are completely out of the line of fire when the weapon is being operated around a corner.


The ShootEdge was carefully designed by integrating all the structural, mechanical and electronic components in such a way that the center of gravity of the complete system stays at its geometric center and in the middle of the two handles. This ensures that the firer will experience holding a very balanced weapon that can be oriented and operated in any direction. The system will not feel heavy even if it is supported at only one point and hence shifting weight to perform operations is also not difficult.

The fore stock is also hinged about its center of gravity which not only decreases the effort required to support the front but also decreases the effort required to swivel it. Also, the hinge atop which the fore stock is mounted absorbs most of the recoil shock from the gun. A foldable butt stock is provided to rest the gun on the user's shoulder.


In ShootEdge, three levels of safety have been provided to prevent firing accidents. The firing trigger is provided with a safety lock. A locking mechanism has been implemented to prevent the fore stock from swiveling when the trigger on the front handle is not operated. A third safety pin has been inculcated in the fore stock which allows the gun trigger operation only at the specified angles.

The new ShootEdge consists of four major sub assemblies:

Rear stock: The rear stock forms skeletal structure of the weapon and houses all the electronics and mechanisms of the system

Fore stock: The fore stock is the moving sub assembly that holds the gun and is capable of Swiveling 650 on either side for extended view

Sensor block: The sensor block is mounted on the fore stock and rotates along with it. It houses various sensors and transducers like IR sensor, Camera, Laser pointer and Torch

Butt stock: A foldable butt stock is provided at the rear end with its locking mechanism integrated in the rear stock cover