BMP II Integrated Missile Simulator (BMP II IMS)

Zen BMP II IMS has been developed to meet the training requirements of gunners and Commanders of Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV)/Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC). It trains recruits and hones the skills of trained gunners in handling and firing different types of weapon systems.

It replicates the ergonomics of gunner and Commander cabins. It has the same controls, indicators, viewing devices and instrument panels of the BMP II APC. The simulator trains the crew in smooth, efficient and effective handling of weapon systems thus reducing risk of accidents. The simulator reduces heavy expenditure on ammunition, fuel and logistics.

The simulator allows the crew to detect, identify, acquire, track, range, select ammunition, aim, fire and apply corrections using Anti-Tank Guided Missile system, Cannon, Coaxial Machine Gun and Smoke Grenade Discharger. The gunner and Commander can perform various drills and tasks related to selection, prioritizing, target engagement and operation of controls as realistically as in an ICV.

The physical conditions in the ICV for missile operation are simulated. Gunners experience the same sort of discomfort they face during missile operation since the driver’s cabin is no different from the original vehicle’s cabin.

Off-line, the computer calculates the errors made by trainees during drills and exercises. At the end of the firing session, the performance evaluation report can be generated. The training is realistic and as close to actual as possible.

BMP II Integrated Missile Simulator Components

  • Instructor Station
  • Visual Station
  • Audio System
  • Projector System
  • Turret Station

BMP II Integrated Missile Simulator Features

  • Cabin has all the controls, devices and indicators of the original vehicle
  • Physical movements of the turret and the cannon/missile launcher are same as the original
  • System simulates realistic battlefield conditions
  • Scenarios are 3D CGI based
  • Sound simulation is realistic
  • Offers a wide range of terrains
  • Provides options to change environmental settings—day, night, fog, smoke, rain etc
  • Individual training controlled by Instructor
  • Training capsules are Basic Skills, Continuity Training and Advanced Training
  • Allows identification of trainee faults online
  • Extensive facilities to take out reports
  • Turnkey solution
  • Comprehensive support

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