Automatic Grenade Launcher Simulator (AGL Sim)

Zen AGL Sim offers a complete training solution to the crew of an Automatic Grenade Launcher. The trainee-in-loop gets the benefit of near-real environment of terrain, combat situation and weapon.

The simulator has the provision for engagement of multi-profile targets' static and moving in different modes such as direct, indirect and anti-aircraft role against hovering or slow-flying helicopters. Exercises can be designed for different types of terrain and under varying weather/light conditions. It facilitates low-angle engagement of targets and high-angle firing at targets at the prescribed engagement ranges. It also has a provision for launching the grenade with the help of a launcher optical sight up to its effective range.

The simulator incorporates exercises for basic, familiarization, evaluation, validation and range course training etc. The scenario-builder module helps an instructor to create customized tactical exercises. Training with the simulator limits wear and tear of the service weapon and cuts down expenditure on costly ammunition. Zen AGL Sim can support any make/model of AGL.

The AGL Section of an Infantry battalion will require a two-lane system to train cohesively. The system is scalable up to eight lanes.

Zen AGL Sim Features:

The versatile Zen AGL Sim comes pre-loaded with Weapon Characteristic Data and the Range Table, menu-driven choice of rate of fire, different types of ammunition, target profile, practices and engagement techniques:

  • Contains a library of 3D AI (artificial intelligence) human targets, vehicles and other objects, diverse operational terrains like plains, desert, semi-desert, jungle and mountain; natural/man-made obstacles and built-up areas
  • Creates environmental/weather effects such as day/night, clouds, rain, fog & wind effects
  • Provides near-real experience of weapon recoil and effects of simulated fire
  • All characteristics of fire accurately simulated
  • Includes Range Course and Night Firing with and without optical sight
  • Allows engagement of Single Target, Group Targets, Group Targets with Limiters, Group Depth Targets and Moving Targets
  • Helps master Lead Calculation for Moving Targets and Controlled Corrections

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