Driving Simulator for T-72 Tank (T-72 DS)

Zen T-72 DS is a holistic driving simulator that provides the following training features that enable skill development from basic to advance levels.

Interactive Controls Familiarisation

  • Instruments, indicators and gauges
  • Controls

Starting Drills & Procedures

  • Battery (normal) start
  • Air start
  • Combined starting

Driving Techniques

  • Operation of accelerator, clutch, brakes and gears
  • Basic driving on plain terrain
  • Day & Night Driving
  • Obstacle Negotiation
  • Trench crossing
  • Vertical obstacles (less than 1 mtr height)
  • Gradients
  • Crossing of bridges including BLT laid bridges
  • Loading & Unloading of Tank
  • Tank transporter trailer
  • Railway rolling stock
  • Advance driving training
  • Driving in desert terrains
  • Driving in built-up areas
  • Shallow and deep fording
  • Navigation with gyro indicator

Stopping Drills & Procedures

Simulator is configured as a containerised simulator for easy transportation and easy start-up. It can be provided as a fixed installation if desired.

The simulator consists of the following major components:

Instructor Station:

  • Instructor operating console with multiple displays for trainee monitoring
  • Intercom Unit
  • Computer systems rack
  • Power conditioning equipment
  • Motion platform control unit

Driver Station:

  • Driver compartment mock-up
  • OTW display system for view through main periscope
  • Adjustable driver seat
  • All operational driver controls
  • Indicators, instruments and gauges
  • Intercom Unit

Motion Platform:

  • 6 DoF electric motion platform
  • Provides realistic motion feel during driving through rotation and translation motion controls

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