Alleviating Challenges To Training For Small Arms Firing : Zen CISR


Defence forces strive to achieve the highest standards of shooting.  But they face challenges. Challenges such as shortage of firing ranges, cumbersome logistics, long time required to carry out firing practices and lack of realism in firing practices. With increasing urbanization and very high commitment of armed forces, the challenges are further heightened.  It is also very difficult to monitor, record, maintain, collate and analyse the performance of soldiers and units in firing. The result is that many soldiers are unable to carry out adequate firing practice.

Containerised Indoor Shooting Range (CISR) is a ‘plug and play’ live firing range for fire of hand guns and rifles.  The CISR helps overcome challenges to small arms training such as availability of firing ranges and manpower. It saves on time required to train, on logistics and on the sheer cost of outdoor and conventional indoor ranges.   As a result, soldiers are able to carry out adequate firing and also carry out most realistic training.  The CISR automatically records performance; hence the shooting fitness of soldiers and units is visible in real time and this encourages ever higher performance.

Zen CISR is built into a standard ISO shipping container and is thus portable. The CISR is ideal for small arms training for tactical and anti-terrorist operations. CISR comprises a safe stop-butt for the caliber of weapons intended to be fired.

CISR thus helps in achieving and maintaining the ‘shooting fitness’ of soldiers and units.

Ammunition that can be fired – 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm and equivalent.

The target is projected on to a self-sealing rubber membrane.

Zen CISRTargets can be simulated from 10m distance out to 300m. Targets maybe conventional Figure 11 type, or any picture or video, or computer generated scenarios, snap targets or static range targets as required by the kind of practice. User created video scenarios can also be authored within minutes and included in an exercise for training on real life scenarios and for anti-terrorist training.

The hit on the rubberized self-sealing target screen is instantly recorded and it is displayed on the firing point display panel and also at the control station.

CISR uses a ‘silent’ granular rubber trap that results in least lead dust and requires minimum maintenance. The Silent Rubber Trap is built into a 20 ft container that integrates with the CISR.

An OSHA/NIOSH compliant ventilation system ensures air quality. The CISR control station cum instructor station delivers recording, monitoring, scoring, analysis and correction/guidance. The CISR has a very low outside acoustic signature and therefore can be placed right at the point of need even in dense urban/office environment. CISR is portable, it requires a crane to load/unload, a standard 45 ft trailer for transportation and requires only a hard standing and power source to install.