Agnipath Scheme of Entry into the Indian Armed Forces

Agnipath Entry Scheme of the Indian Armed forces is seeking to recruit 46000 Indian Citizens. There will be challenges in completing their military training in 6 months, but there Tested and Proven solutions which exist.

How will Training of Agniveers be better than normal recruitment?

A. Optimum use of Simulators and Live Firing Ranges of Zero Danger Area Ranges type like Containerised ranges – so that Agniveers pass out with very high weapon skill levels, and also can handle all Infantry weapons, not just Rifle.

B. Review the Training Syllabus and the standards to be achieved to higher levels and as relevant to modern warfare.

C. Increase physical standards for intake recruit testing, so that recruits are already toughened before intake. And thus it is possible to optimise Training Syllabus.

D. Assessment of Performance during Recruit Training. Automated recording of all training activity plus Objective, automated and real time Performance Scoring.

Advantages Use of Modern Training Solutions

– Huge cost savings and yet

– Deliver much better training standards

– Save on Training Time