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Zen Tank Zeroing System (Zen TZS)

  • EBSU captures and processes the image of Bore-sighting Target
  • GDU  displays the EBSU captured target image
  • HDAS is for zeroing the gun by live firing. It ascertains hit location on the target and generates necessary inputs for computing corrections. The system can also be used to conduct firing exercises for Tanks

EBSU is used to align the axis/centre of the bore with the optical centre/axis of the gunner’s sight. The optical system and high resolution Image Capturing & Processing Device of EBSU allows the Gunner to view the target image on his GDU. The Gunner, thereafter, aligns the centre of the bore-sighting target on to virtual centre mark of the GDU by interactively moving the gun controls. Once the virtual centre mark is aligned with that of the target centre, the gunner adjusts the azimuth and elevation controls of the gunner’s sight to match the centre of the target.

GDU is a Toughbook with a high-resolution display for all-weather operation. It has the required interfaces to capture the data from Image Capturing and Processing Device of EBSU and the HDAS. The target image in GDU is calibrated with the dimensions of actual targets for ensuring accuracy in zeroing. Location of the hit on the target is plotted on ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axes and coordinates are displayed on GDU along with time stamp, group size and the Mean Point of Impact (MPI). The User can add personal details, and select type of practice, Tank and target during firing exercises with the help of GDU.

The HDAS includes a Target End Equipment with acoustic sensors which detect the projectile while it passes over or in its vicinity. It is firmly fixed to the horizontal plane at the bottom of the target frame. The micro-controller based electronics and related embedded software measure the terminal speed and hit location of the projectile. Wireless equipment provided at target-end creates a communication bridge between the HDAS and GDU. A short range RF link is established between the sensor frame and Long Range Wireless Equipment placed approximately 50 mtrs away. The Long Range Wireless Communication Equipment provides required communication between the target end and the gunner.

Zen TZS Key Features

  • Offers twin benefits of application in Zeroing and Firing  Practices
  • Enables speedy and accurate zeroing
  • Spares valuable man-hours and saves costly ammunition
  • Portable, battery-operated and all-weather proof
  • Versatile Functionalities - Zoom & Pan for Target Image, Different types of firing exercises with provisions for record, replay & print
  • Communication range extendable using more than one RF

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Zen TZS Images [5]

Tank Zeroing System (Zen TZS) Electronic Bore Sighting Unit Hit Display Analysis Unit Target-end Sensor Frame Target Side Equipment

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