Zen at Defexpo 2014

Zen participated in Defexpo India 2014 from February 6 to 9, 2014 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This the eighth in the series of biennial Land, Naval and Internal Security Systems Exhibition.

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Press Releases

Zen launches India’s first Full Mission UAV Simulator.

UAV Simulator is intended for training the complete UAV crew that includes External Pilot (EP), Internal Pilot (IP), Mission Commander, Observer and all special payload operators.

The simulator also consists of payloads such as Electro Optical Payload (EO), Infrared (IR), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Maritime Patrol Radar (MPR), Communication Intelligence (COMINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT).

zen uav mission simulator at defexpo 2014

Replication of Ground Control Station and Ground Equipment Station bays give the user a real-time experience. This simulator is modular and configurable. The current configuration is set up for Heron and Searcher Mark-II. Read More...

Training Mechanised Forces: Real and Quantifiable

Zen Technologies Limited offers a totally indigenous system for all types of Armoured Fighting Vehicles. The Armour Combat Training System (ACTS) is for Force-on-Force tactical exercises by a sub unit, unit or higher level.

A modular, scalable, easy to handle system- ACTS, incorporates battle procedures, field craft, crew drills and simulated battle engagements. High-end technology in detection, imaging and simulation has been exploited in the system. The limiting factors and subjectivity in evaluation of training standards would no longer impinge upon the operational preparedness of Mechanised arm of the land forces. Read More...

Exhibited Products

arrow  Zen 81mm Mortar Integrated Simulator (Zen 81mm MIS)

arrow  Zen Automatic Grenade Launcher Simulator (Zen AGL Sim)

arrow  Zen Infantry Weapons Training Simulator (Zen IWTS®)

arrow  Zen Medium Machine Gun Simulator (Zen MMG Sim)

arrow  Zen Multi-Functional Target System (Zen MFTS®)

arrow  Zen Smart Target System (ZEN STS®) - LOMAH ™

arrow  Zen Tactical Engagement Simulator (Zen TacSim®)

arrow  Zen Tank Zeroing System (Zen TZS)

arrow  Zen War Gaming Solutions (Zen WGS)