Firearms Training Simulator Products

Firearms Training Simulators

Zen Advanced Weapons Simulator (Zen AWeSim®)

Firearms Training SimulatorZen AWeSim® is a state-of-the-art firearms training simulator aimed at training recruits to Special Forces and Commandos. It recreates Small Arms firing range indoors. The simulator can be adapted to a number of firearms and the versatile simulator imparts basic training, hones firing skills, improves weapon handling skills and tests the skill level of trainees in complex and war-like scenarios.

Zen Automatic Grenade Launcher Simulator (Zen AGL Sim)

Zen Automatic Grenade Launcher SimulatorZen AGL Sim offers a complete training solution to the crew of an Automatic Grenade Launcher. The trainee-in-loop gets the benefit of near-real environment of terrain, combat situation and weapon. The simulator has the provision for engagement of multi-profile targets—static and moving in different modes such as direct, indirect and anti-aircraft role against hovering or slow-flying helicopters.

Zen Combat Training Simulation System (Zen CTSS)

Zen Combat Training Simulator SystemZen CTSS is a ‘live’ simulator that allows tactical exercises with troops, as in actual battlefield, complete with own and enemy forces in terrains of choice. Commanders at all levels can carry out maneuvers of all operations of war. The simulator assimilates lasers fired from different weapon systems and effectively records the result of the engagement.

Zen Infantry Weapons Training Simulator (Zen IWTS®)

Zen IWTS®Zen IWTS® facilitates marksmanship training, battle handling of weapons both individually and up to a Section of recruits/soldiers in tactical scenarios of conventional and unconventional operations. The modularly-designed wireless system allows handling of various Small Arms, including in-service Pistol, Carbine, Rifle, Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher with temporary modifications to the weapons.

Zen Medium Machine Gun Simulator (Zen MMG Sim)

Zen Medium Machine Gun SimulatorZen MMG Sim is an interactive indoor training aid to train MMG detachment numbers in techniques of engagement of various targets, fire control and tactical employment of the weapon system. The gunner operates a replica/modified service MMG and engages targets projected on a video screen, in different types of terrain under varying light and environmental conditions.

Zen Multi-Functional Target System (Zen MFTS®)

Zen MFTS®Zen MFTS® is an electro-mechanical system of versatile targets which are programmable from Firer’s End to perform various movements for firing practices. The system is designed for use both at outdoor and indoor shooting ranges. It is portable and easy to operate. It is a rugged, all-weather system and meets IP 65 standards.

Zen Shoot House for Live and Simulated Indoor Tactical Training

Zen Shoot House for Live and Simulated Indoor Tactical TrainingZen Shoot House is a safe indoor facility, built to meet the training needs of security personnel involved in operations to eliminate enemy/terrorist threat in closed environment of a built-up area. Shoot House is a concrete and brick/masonry structure with ballistic protection and other essential features like ballistic doors/windows, wooden staircase, elevator shaft, trap-door, rubber furniture and realistic equipment.

Zen Smart Target System (ZEN STS®) - LOMAH™

LOMAH™ZEN STS® is an electro-mechanical, software-driven, acoustical projectile detection and reporting system designed to be used at outdoor ranges for live Small Arms firing. The equipment is rugged, light-weight, easy to assemble and operate. It is available in wired and wireless configurations. The system can be operated with 230V AC 50 Hz or with DC battery power.

Zen Tactical Engagement Simulator (Zen TacSim®)

Zen TacSim®Zen TacSim® trains soldiers to utilize the skills acquired during training in field craft, battle drills and live-fire practice while carrying out operational exercises. It assimilates lasers fired from different weapon systems and effectively records the result of the engagement.

Zen TacSim® with Indoor Tracking System (ITS)

Firearms Training SimulatorZen TacSim® with ITS is designed to meet the training needs of forces tasked to combat enemy/terrorists operating from built-up area/buildings, by physical intervention. The system is akin to the Zen outdoor Tactical Engagement Simulator (TacSim®) with additional features that enable its functioning indoors, where GPS does not work. A two-sided tactical engagement can be conducted realistically in accordance with operational battle drills.