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Zen Combat Training Simulation System (Zen CTSS)

Zen CTSS is a ‘live’ simulator that allows tactical exercises with troops, as in actual battlefield, complete with own and enemy forces in terrains of choice. Commanders at all levels can carry out maneuvers of all operations of war. The simulator assimilates lasers fired from different weapon systems and effectively records the result of the engagement. It enables use of personal weapons, Battalion-support weapons and all major combat firing weapon systems in actual or simulated form. It simulates Artillery fire and minefield from specified regions.

The outdoor simulator uses harness sets for man and machine and the system is integrated with GPS, control unit and communication module. Alarm unit is activated on being hit and the nature of alarm varies depending on the severity of injury/damage. It deactivates the harness set in the event of a kill and records the damage. It enables resetting. The initiative is with Commanders. The exercise is initiated through Umpire Control Gun.

The Exercise Control Centre records, collates and analyzes the information. It is fully integrated with all the elements and controls the tactical battles at Battalion/Regiment/Brigade level. It enables briefing debriefing, planning of operation, analysis of terrain, force employed or assessed, collation of data, recording of events and assessment of performance.

The simulator is ideal for training all Army tactical forces in near-real scenarios and enables training of large troops in a cohesive manner in confidentiality.

Zen CTSS Key Features:

  • Laser-based, real time, force-on-force training system
  • Collective training of troops from Section to Brigade plus
  • Laser unit on all personal and Battalion-support weapons
  • Artillery, mines, grenades, smoke and other battlefield weaponry simulated
  • Terrain of choice
  • Records kills, grievous injuries, bullets fired, bullets remaining etc
  • Alarm unit activates and inhibits soldier, weapon, equipment and vehicles
  • Control retained by Commander through Umpire Control Gun
  • Rugged, laptop-based Exercise Control
  • Commanders can conduct briefings, plan operations and analyze terrains

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Zen Combat Training Simulator System (Zen CTSS) - Tactical Combat Simulator Zen Combat Training Simulator System (Zen CTSS) - Tactical Engagement Simulation Zen Combat Training Simulator System (Zen CTSS) - Military Combat Training Simulator Zen Combat Training Simulator System (Zen CTSS) - Tactical Combat Simulator

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