Homeland Security

Zen ShootEdge®

Zen ShootEdge®ShootEdge® is synonymous to shooting without risk of exposure to retaliatory shooting by adversary. It is amplified by ability to maneuver behind a shield or protection thereafter fire for effect. These systems are necessary and are force multipliers in encounters with terrorists and insurgents in wide ranging situations from battles in built up areas to hostage situations.

Zen Shoot House for Live and Simulated Indoor Tactical Training

Zen Shoot House for Live and Simulated Indoor Tactical TrainingZen Shoot House is a safe indoor facility, built to meet the training needs of security personnel involved in operations to eliminate enemy/terrorist threat in closed environment of a built-up area. Shoot House is a concrete and brick/masonry structure with ballistic protection and other essential features like ballistic doors/windows, wooden staircase, elevator shaft, trap-door, rubber furniture and realistic equipment.

Zen Small Arms Training Simulator - SL (Zen SATS® SL)

Zen Small Arms Training SimulatorZen SATS® SL is a versatile, cost-effective, firearms simulator designed to enhance the weapon handling and firing skills of security forces. The Small Arms simulator is programmed to operate with or without the presence of an instructor. A trainee is given reference of a pre-loaded exercise, which he uses after logging in.

Zen Smart Target System (ZEN STS®) - LOMAH ™

LOMAH™ZEN STS® is an electro-mechanical, software-driven, acoustical projectile detection and reporting system designed to be used in outdoor ranges for live Small Arms firing. The equipment is rugged, light-weight, easy to assemble and operate. It is available in wired and wireless configurations. The system can be operated with 230V AC 50 Hz or with DC battery power.

Zen Tactical Engagement Simulator (Zen TacSim®)

Zen TacSim®Zen TacSim® trains soldiers to utilize the skills acquired during training in field craft, battle drills and live-fire practice while carrying out operational exercises. The tactical engagement simulator (TacSim®) assimilates lasers fired from different weapon systems and effectively records the result of the engagement.

Zen TacSim® with Indoor Tracking System (ITS)

Zen TacSim® with ITSZen TacSim® with ITS is designed to meet the training needs of forces tasked to combat enemy/terrorists operating from built-up area/buildings, by physical intervention. The system is akin to the Zen Outdoor Tactical Engagement Simulator (TacSim®) with additional features that enable its functioning indoors, where GPS does not work. A two-sided tactical engagement can be conducted realistically in accordance with operational battle drills.

Zen UAV Mission Simulator (Zen UAV Sim)

Zen UAV Mission SimulatorZen UAV Sim is a comprehensive system developed to train External Pilots, Internal Pilots, Mission Commanders, Observers/Special payload operators and Image Interpreters. The UAV Simulator offers basic, mission and operational handling training. Lends itself to exercise and evaluation of complete operational procedures of different missions/profiles and payloads.