Defence Simulators

Zen 81mm Mortar Integrated Simulator (Zen 81mm MIS)

Zen 81mm Integrated Mortar Simulator

Zen 81mm MIS comes with an Instructor Station, a Mortar Fire Controller Station, a Mortar Position Controller Station and 4/6 ‘to-scale mortars’, all seamlessly integrated with the application software. It facilitates engagement of target by single or multiple mortar platoons with a composition of four/six mortars per platoon. The system recreates range conditions for the MFC to enable him to acquire target and pass on data to MPC as in actual scenario.

Zen Advanced Weapons Simulator (Zen AWeSim®)

Zen Driving Simulator

Zen AWeSim ® is a state-of-the-art firearms simulator aimed at training recruits to Special Forces and Commandos. It recreates Small Arms firing range indoors. The simulator can be adapted to a number of firearms and the versatile simulator imparts basic training, hones firing skills, improves weapon handling skills and tests the skill level of trainees in complex and war-like scenarios.

Zen Air-to-Ground Firing Range Scoring System

Zen Air-to-Ground Firing Range Scoring System

Zen Air-to-Ground Firing Range Scoring System has been designed to provide air-to-ground weapons delivery training area a variety of targets which can be deployed, tracked and hit-miss scoring of the exercise recorded. The system consists of Control Tower, Sighting Towers and Command Centre. The Command Centre monitors and records impacts from bomb, rockets and missiles. All impacts are detected (basically all types of bomb/rockets/missiles).

Zen Anti-Aircraft Air Defence Simulator (Zen 3ADS)

Zen Anti Aircraft Air Defence Simulator

Zen 3ADS is designed to train operators on laying procedures in both simulated and field conditions as well as psycho-physiological training experienced at the time of launch. It is user-friendly and provides data of missile launch, details of target movements and hit-miss information for After Action Reviews (analysis). The simulator is light-weight, modular in nature and lends itself to up-gradation.

Zen Anti-Tank Guided Missile Simulator (Zen ATGM® Sim)

Zen Anti-Tank Guided Missile Simulator

Zen ATGM® Sim is an indoor simulator, designed and developed to meet the challenging training requirements of missile pilots. It trains recruits and hones the skills of trained pilots in handling and firing missiles.The guided missile simulator enables instructor to track the performance of trainees in real time.

Zen Armour Combat Training System (ZEN ACTS™)

Zen Armour Combat Training System

ZEN ACTS™ is an advanced version of SimFire System with enhanced features. It is ideal for force-on-force tactical training including simulated battle engagements. The basic module aims at meeting the training requirements of the Mechanised Forces in field craft, battle drills and tactical & gunnery procedures.

Zen Artillery Forward Observer's Simulator (Zen ArtyFOS)

Zen Artillery Forward Observers Simulator

Zen ArtyFOS trains Observation Post Officers and Forward Observers of the Artillery and all other officers of combat wings of Army who may be required to fire long-range, indirect fire weapons like mortars, guns, Howitzers, rockets and missiles. It has an Instructor Station and an Observation Post Officers Trainee Station. It facilitates engagement of target by a single gun to guns of a Brigade of Artillery.

Zen Automatic Grenade Launcher Simulator (Zen AGL Sim)

Zen Automatic Grenade Launcher Simulator

Zen AGL Sim offers a complete training solution to the crew of an Automatic Grenade Launcher. The trainee-in-loop gets the benefit of near-real environment of terrain, combat situation and weapon. The simulator has the provision for engagement of multi-profile targets—static and moving in different modes such as direct, indirect and anti-aircraft role against hovering or slow-flying helicopters.