Zen Small Arms Training Simulator - Stand Alone (Zen SATS SL)

Zen SATS SL is a versatile, cost-effective, firearms training simulator designed to enhance the weapon handling and firing skills of Security Forces.

It is programmed to operate with or without the presence of an instructor. A trainee is given reference of a pre-loaded exercise, which he uses after logging in. The software takes the trainee through the entire user-defined and preloaded exercises and saves the entire session in the database. Instructor can analyze the firing by replaying sessions.

It is software-based, menu-driven with pre-programmed and user-defined exercises with different terrain backdrops, environmental conditions and ranges. A number of trainees can be tested for firing in succession on predetermined exercises without supervision.

This firearms training simulator enables practice on a variety of Small Arms, including 9mm Pistols, Revolvers, 303 Rifles, INSAS 5.56 mm, 7.62mm Rifles, AK-47s, Carbines and Light Machine Guns. The simulator allows the user to choose any firing position i.e. standing, kneeling or lying down. A number of such training simulators can be installed for collective training.

It is ideal for Platoon/Company-size body of troops. It is highly deployable in units, small-size training centres, isolated posts, high-risk detachments, risk-prone areas, independently-deployed troops, troops on UN Missions, and any body of troops which is confined in an area for operational or tactical reasons. It helps maintain high standard of firing skills without the need to go to the firing ranges regularly.

Key Features:

  • Hi-tech, rugged and state-of-the-art simulator that helps maintain firing skills
  • Transforms soldiers into marksmen in a short time and at low cost
  • Realistic recoil
  • Trains one person at a time. Supervision is optional
  • Reduces ammunition costs, maintenance of weapons and logistics
  • Enables systematic coaching and reduces training period
  • Trainer can define exercises, let soldiers fire independently and analyze replays and take printouts to judge skill level