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Zen Tactical Engagement Simulator (Zen TacSim®)

Zen TacSim® uses harness sets for man and machine and integrates GPS, Control Unit and the Communication Module. Alarm units are activated on being hit and the nature of alarm varies depending on the severity of injury/damage┬áthe hit would cause. The tactical simulator deactivates the harness set and records the damage. It also enables resetting. The initiative is always with commanders.

The Exercise Control Centre records, collates and analyzes the information. It is fully integrated with all the elements and controls the tactical battles at battalion/regiment/brigade level. It enables briefing debriefing, planning of operation, analysis of terrain, force employed or assessed, collation of data, recording of events and assessment of performance.

Zen Tactical Engagement Simulator (TacSim) is ideal for all Commando Units, Special Operation Groups, Special Task Forces, Special Forces, Training Centers, Armed Battalions of Police and all Law Enforcement Agencies. It enables training in near real scenarios and training of large troops in a cohesive manner in complete confidentiality.

Tactical Engagement Simulator (TacSim) Key Features:

  • Laser-based, real time, force-on-force training system
  • Collective training in different tactical situations
  • Enables training in active, insurgency prone and field areas within the confines of security forces area
  • Covers a variety of training possibilities, such as patrolling, ambush, road blocks, search and destroy missions, defence, house clearance, operations in urban terrain, fighting in built up area, convoy protection and training of special forces
  • Training in terrains of choice
  • Records kills, grievous injuries, near misses, bullets fired, bullets remaining etc
  • Alarm unit activates and inhibits soldier, weapon and equipment, and vehicles
  • Control retained by commander through Umpire Control Gun
  • Rugged, laptop-based Exercise Control
  • Commanders can conduct briefings, plan operations and analyse terrains
  • Covers effectively 2km diameter and up to 5 km dia if line of sight is clear
  • ILU uses Class 1 eye safe laser and can be fired at point blank range

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