Zen Technologies Appraised at CMMi Level 5 – Eligible for Defence Offset Obligations upto 20%

New Delhi, 15 December 2015: Zen Technologies Limited, Hyderabad, offers a broad spectrum of Simulator and Training Systems catering to all three wings of defence forces and internal security, today announced that it has been assessed and appraised at the highest maturity Level 5 of the Capability Maturity Model® Integration for CMMI®-DEV 1.3 (Development). The recent announcement reinstating services for discharge of offset obligation requires CMMi Level 4 or above, which discharge up to 20% of the offset obligation.

This appraisal validates Zen’s dedication towards 100% research and development blended with process capability based on the CMMI standards that measure continual process improvements. With this feat, Zen has become one of the very few global system engineering companies to have a data framework established and assessed for the core R&D work being carried out. The appraisal also indicates that Zen is performing at “optimizing level”.

Mr Ashok Atluri, Chairman & Managing Director, Zen Technologies, stated that “Achieving CMM Level 5 appraisal is a promise to our customers to ensure quality research that’s being carried out in our systems supported by strong set of numbers. Securing the highest CMMI maturity level rating exemplifies our on-going commitment to serving customers with the highest standards of service excellence and delivery quality in system engineering practices.”

Mr Kishore Dutt, President, Zen Technologies, commented that “We are proud of this achievement, as it further supports our commitment towards continual improvement towards process maturity authenticated by strong statistical framework. We were appraised of all 22 areas including HR and SAM to the highest of satisfaction. We have developed a unique model that integrates CMMI L5 version 1.3 best practices into our research and development areas”.

Dedicated to innovation, Zen attaches special importance to its research and development initiatives. The in house R & D division is the largest vertical in the company employing about 40% of the company’s human resource strength. Zen’s simulators are a blend of electronics, optics, mechanical and software expertise, which not only ensures combat readiness but also enhances operational efficiency and safety. Zen is committed to invest continually in creating new technologies and products to stay ahead of its competition.