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Zen Automated Driving Simulator (ZEN ADS™)

Key Features:

  • No instructor station required to monitor the exercises
  • Various scenarios can be created, saved and assigned to the trainees in the form of courses
  • Trainee can start the assigned exercises, view his own replays and instructor can assess
    the reports later
  • Realistic dashboard assembly and controls, instrumentation and transmission
  • Offers realistic operating environment and ergonomics
  • Intelligent Traffic Models in driving scenes
  • Provides a variety of terrains and driving conditions
  • Environmental conditions like rain, fog, snowfall, intensity of light can be created
  • Progressive training structure increases levels of difficulty for trainees
  • Training can be conducted at multiple stations with different exercises simultaneously
  • Record/playback facility can be used to detect errors and suggest corrective measures

Zen Driver Aptitude Testing System (ZEN DATS™):

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Zen Automated Driving Simulator Automated Driving Simulator Automatic Driving Simulator Driving Training Simulator ZEN ADS™


Zen Automated Driving Simulator

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