Live Fire Training Equipment & Systems

Live Fire Training Equipment & Systems

Zen Containerised Tubular Shooting Range (Zen CTSR)

Zen Containerised Tubular Shooting Range (Zen CTSR)Zen CTSR is a secure indoor substitute for live firing. It is self-contained, transportable and reduces considerably the area required for a range. It can also be used to test weapons or as a forensic ballistic test facility.

Zen Multi-Functional Target System (Zen MFTS®)

Zen MFTS®Zen MFTS® is an electro-mechanical system of versatile targets which are programmable from Firer’s End to perform various movements for firing practices. The system is designed for use both at outdoor and indoor shooting ranges. It is portable and easy to operate. It is a rugged, all-weather system and meets IP 65 standards.

Zen Smart Target System (ZEN STS®) - LOMAH™

LOMAH™ZEN STS® is an electro-mechanical, software-driven, acoustical projectile detection and reporting system designed to be used at outdoor ranges for live Small Arms firing. The equipment is rugged, light-weight, easy to assemble and operate. It is available in wired and wireless configurations. The system can be operated with 230V AC 50 Hz or with DC battery power.