IWESS Products

IWESS (Infantry Weapon Effect Simulating System) Products

Zen Tactical Engagement Simulator (Zen TacSim®)

Zen TacSim®Zen TacSim® trains soldiers to utilize the skills acquired during training in field craft, battle drills and live-fire practice while carrying out operational exercises. It assimilates lasers fired from different weapon systems and effectively records the result of the engagement.

Zen TacSim® with Indoor Tracking System (ITS)

Zen TacSim® with ITSZen TacSim® with ITS is designed to meet the training needs of forces tasked to combat enemy/terrorists operating from built-up area/buildings, by physical intervention. The system is akin to the Zen outdoor Tactical Engagement Simulator (TacSim®) with additional features that enable its functioning indoors, where GPS does not work. A two-sided tactical engagement can be conducted realistically in accordance with operational battle drills.