Zen Technologies USA Open for Business - Military Training Technology Leader Launches US Operations

Delivering ground-breaking innovation in Combat Readiness, live, virtual, and constructive combat training systems and more

Washington, DC – 27 Sept 2018 - Zen Technologies Limited, a global leader in military combat training products and technologies, announced today their entry into the US market with the opening of the offices of Zen Technologies USA, Inc. to support foreign military sales (FMS) and provide marketing, service, and customized solutions for customers around the world from the US.

"Military leaders worldwide recognize Zen Technologies as the source of the most cutting-edge, result-oriented training solutions on the market," said Pratish Shah, President, Zen Technologies USA, Inc. "Each of the US military branches has established broad-ranging future training milestones that will require the deployment of the latest in live, virtual, and constructive combat training systems. This is precisely where Zen excels and where we will focus."

Zen Technologies' training platforms are developed through integration of the latest in technologies across electronics, mechanical, software and optics, delivering greater levels of training improvement and proficiency to create and retain a level of combat readiness. Zen's combat training systems span the full range from individual skills development to brigade level training exercises providing the right size training solution for combat forces worldwide. Having filed more than 90 patents, Zen is an unequalled innovator in combat training.

In addition, Zen Technologies builds the world's only training systems that calculate and update a sophisticated "Combat Readiness Score" (CRS) at the completion of training exercises. The CRS is created by capturing data during actual training sessions and provides an easy-to-understand way for leaders and commanders to measure the level of troop improvement and readiness.

About Zen Technologies USA

Zen Technologies USA, Inc. was founded on the understanding that combat training is fundamental for the security and defense of the country. No matter where or when armed forces are deployed, the skills of a fighting force must constantly be refined and aligned with mission needs and situations. Their parent company, Zen Technologies Limited is a global leader in the development of live, virtual, and constructive combat training systems, with an extensive portfolio of hardware, software, and infrastructure solutions to address a vast array of service needs from individual skills development to brigade-level training. Zen Technologies USA provides sales, marketing, service, and customized solutions to meet the combat training needs to customers throughout the US and around the world. For additional information contact Zen Technologies USA at +1 202 548 7423 or via email at info@zentechnologies.com.