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Zen Infantry Weapons Training Simulator (Zen IWTS®)

Key Features:

  • Supports all direct-fire Infantry Platoon weapons
  • Employs un-tethered recoil generation system
  • Includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) characters
  • Simulates recoil and firing sounds
  • Displays exercises and scenarios on a 30’x8’ screen
  • Allows allotment of bullets in accordance with weapon type
  • Includes a comprehensive Scenario Builder module
  • Reports cant angle, trigger pressure and breathing analysis
  • Provides telescopic sighting system for Rocket Launcher and Sniper
  • Includes facility to record and playback a stopped training session
  • Lends itself for preparation of extensive individual and team reports
  • Allows setting up of desired environmental conditions, even during runtime
  • Syncs with the firing positions of trainees (lying, kneeling and standing)
  • Has provision for night firing practice and use of night vision sights

System Configuration

Major assemblies:
  • Lane system
    • Weapon system
      • Modified weapons
      • Tool kit
      • Integrated Laser Unit
  • Projection system
    • Projector
    • Sensing device
    • Screen (30’x8’ screen)
  • Sound Simulation system
  • Instructor unit
    • Instructor Station
    • Instructor Console Rack
  • Base Station (electronic hub that communicates with simulation software and lane units)

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Infantry Weapons Training Simulator Zen IWTS® Zen Infantry Training Simulator Zen Weapons Training Simulator

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