Zen Infantry Combat Vehicle Driving Simulator (Zen BMP II DS)

Zen BMP II DSZen BMP II DS has been developed to train recruits as well as Special Drivers to drive Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) or the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) in operational and peace time scenarios.The special ICV/APC driver training simulator replicates driver cabin, look and feel of the driver's controls, indicators, viewing devices and instrument panel of a standard Infantry Combat Vehicle.

Zen BMP II Integrated Missile Simulator (Zen BMP II IMS)

Zen BMP II IMSZen BMP II IMS has been developed to meet the training requirements of gunners and Commanders of Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV)/Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC). It trains recruits and hones the skills of trained gunners in handling and firing different types of weapon systems.

Zen Carrier Mortar Tracked Simulator (Zen CMT Sim)

Zen Carrier Mortar Tracked Simulator (Zen CMT Sim)Zen CMT Sim is a fully integrated state-of-the-art in-door simulator. The system is designed to seek total realism for operational training needs of mechanised forces. It trains the 81mm Mortar crew of a Mechanised Infantry Battalion in all facets of efficient handling and effective firing in simulated range conditions and with weapon performance parameters.

Zen Combat Training Centre (Zen CTC)

Zen Combat Training CentreZen CTC is a one-stop training solution for Armed Forces and State police. The secure facility, equipped with modern training equipment/infrastructure, free from routine encumbrances and other disturbances, is designed to provide performance-oriented training in realistic, tactical and operational environment.

Zen Combat Training Simulation System (Zen CTSS)

Zen Combat Training Simulator SystemZen CTSS is a ‘live’ simulator that allows tactical exercises with troops, as in actual battlefield, complete with own and enemy forces in terrains of choice. Commanders at all levels can carry out maneuvers of all operations of war. The simulator assimilates lasers fired from different weapon systems and effectively records the result of the engagement.

Zen Containerised Indoor Shooting Range (Zen CISR)

Zen Containerised Indoor Shooting Range (Zen CISR)Zen CISR is a self-contained, transportable, live-fire shooting facility. It is designed and built to include the target retrieval system/firearm judgmental training video simulator or to serve as a forensic ballistic test facility.

Zen Containerised Tubular Shooting Range (Zen CTSR)

Zen Containerised Tubular Shooting Range (Zen CTSR)Zen CTSR is a secure indoor substitute for live firing. It is self-contained, transportable and reduces considerably the area required for a range. It can also be used to test weapons or as a forensic ballistic test facility.

Zen Driver Aptitude Testing System (ZEN DATS™)

Zen Driver Aptitude Testing SystemZEN DATS™ is scientifically designed and tested. It identifies individuals prone to accidents by exposing psycho-motor deficiencies. Psycho-motor function is responsible for driver’s decisions and is generally referred to as ‘judgment’ while driving. ZEN DATS™ is a reflex testing system. It tests driver’s alertness, depth perception, peripheral vision, night vision and ability to recover quickly from the effects of glare.