3AD Sim wins CII Innovative Company award

3AD Sim wins CII Innovative Company award

Zen Technologies Ltd was adjudged as one of the top 25 Innovative Companies of the country by Confederation of Indian Industries at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 at New Delhi on December 15.

Zen received a certificate and has been permitted to use the “CII Mark” in its promotional campaigns/materials to help expand its business value.

Zen’s innovative product is VSHORAD (Very Short Range Air Defence) Simulator/Anti-Aircraft Air Defence Simulator (3AD Sim). It is designed to provide intense training both in class room and field conditions, simulating multiple terrains, targets and environmental conditions.


arrow  Two-in-one simulator for indoor as well as outdoor training

arrow  Replacing IR signal with electronic signal during target engagement

arrow  Tracking targets by image processing

arrow Software based generation of various air defence exercises, evaluation and display of instant training performance and live      streaming

arrow  Design training in five different modes of operation to bring in more variety, realism and challenge